Happyness starts in our stomach!

Our healthy food is a combination of: taking care of the eater, the farmer and the earth (and not to forget the cook). Connecting those three we try to recreate a sustainable model.

Our food is local and organic. We try to source it mainly from Belgium, following whats available at every season and by consequence offering our bodies what they need every part of the year hot and nourishing foods in the winter and more light and cooling foods in summertime

We try to know our producer: trust and interaction with them nourishes us much more then a standard, meaning-few label. We sometimes work with and organic wholesaler but we try to favour local, biodynamic and belgian products. We sometimes give a hand on the field or collect the veggies ourselves to understand more what it means to be a vegetable :-) and a farmer, discovering new edible leafes, seeds and flowers.

We nearly only use reusable items as to reduce waste to a minimum, we have composts and chickens, if nobodies there to eat our leftovers, with our experience we slowly become experts in planning and cooking the right amount of food.

Take care of the cooks, we try to work in a relax and caretaking atmosphere, to grow our joy and pleasure of cooking, so that our food is full of it when you have it, trying to share our food passion and creativity with the people we cook for.