Cabra & Cook is a small ecological catering cooperative, aiming at providing civil society with descent  quality food, walking towards a (seriously) more sustainable society project.
What do we offer?
> A catering service adapted to context and public for small and very big events.
> Lunch dinner, picknik, seated or walking dinner
> vegetarian or vegan food
> Healthy and organic local ingredients
> A mix of creativity and and tradition in all our menus
> Balanced food (to keep particpants of the conference awake :-)
> Warm or cold buffets; in plates or finger food
> A rich blend of different tastes and colors
> Original recepts, creative combinations
> The rediscovery of forgotten vegetables or unknown grains
> A nice jacket to rediscover beans and other veggie proteins in a new light
> A friendly, experienced, unconventional & consciousnessraising service
  Happyness starts in our stomach! Our healthy food is a combination of: taking care of the eater, the farmer and the earth (and not to forget the cook). Connecting those three ...